We exercise a combination of excellent marine practices and put to use latest of the technology to find the optimum solutions to suit our clients demands. Safety and health of the crew on board is of utmost importance to us. The Company Safety Management System is developed to cover the requirements in the ISM code of the IMO (accredited by various authorities) and ISO 9001:2008.


  • Top Management Commitment.
  • Top Tier Policy Manual.
  • Procedures Manual to document ship’s onboard activities to be ideally undertaken during normal operation and in emergencies.
  • Internal and External Audits to identify where actual practices defer from those in Procedure Manual and implementation of corrective actions.
  • Designed Person Ashore to serve as the link between the ships and the shore staffs.


It is always ensured that workplaces are secured and cleared in accordance with the regulation for healthy work place environment.
  • Occupational Illness: Primary medical supports are provided such as physical checkups, vaccinations, primary medical treatment and even evacuation.
  • Occupational Injuries: Our Accident Reporting and Investigation procedure records every cause and hazards associated to fully prevent such reoccurrence in future.
  • The Company also maintains a Drug and Alcohol Policy to deter illegal use of the same and also to take preventive action.


We ensure continuous improvement in safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard company vessels, including preparation for emergencies. The company’s SMS, through its documented procedures, ensures that:
  • Policy is understood and maintained at all levels for compliance.
  • Regular audits & review of system are undertaken to permit only safe work activities.
  • Necessary trainings are provided to upgrade the safety skills of personnel.
  • Organization’s utmost ability is maintained all the time to respond emergencies.


  • Environmental protection and preservation has always been included among our top most priorities during every stage of our involvement starting from project planning, operations, maintenance and even construction, installations and commissioning.
  • Our environmental policies ensure a complete attitude-change towards a traditional myth that “Sea can absorb anything that is thrown in”.
  • Our every asset including company vessel and all associated work activities are in full compliance with pollution prevention act set by international body.

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