Offshore Floatel and Accommodation

A new offshore vessel segment has slowly developed and matured over the last 1-2 years, popularly called Offshore ‘Floatel’ (Floating Hotels).

The ever increasing need for platform maintenance, installation and commissioning work, in both the Oil   Gas and the growing Offshore Wind sector, has led to the introduction of these large Floatel.

The primary aim of the Floatel is to offer a safe and comfortable habitat for the workforce needed on the production platform or offshore wind turbine TPs and subsea type vessels and within a quick port call outfitted with an offshore gangway and offer other Floatel facilities.

Hind Offshore's specialized class-approved Floatels

Hind Offshore's "Floatels" can meet the challenges of providing offshore logistical solutions by offering a wide range of accommodation, transportation, constructions and hospitality options. Floatels can be deployed on short notice to house from 100-400 persons. Services can be provided on turnkey dry hire basis or can be in fully serviced, catered and crewed. Charter hire engagements can last from 2 weeks to 5 years and more.

Special features of Hind Offshore’s Floatels are

  • The Design

    Our Floatels are designed for installation and maintenance projects in the offshore wind, oil and gas industry. This concept sets a whole new standard in terms of reliability, efficiency and comfort.

  • Reliability

    Offshore Work is done on or near expensive offshore installations. Working safely, reliably and keeping these offshore structures safe and undamaged is critical. Our Floatels have an impressive track-record with our crew and equipment working reliably during the project.

  • The Amenities

    Our Floatels provides accommodation, catering & house-keeping and laundry facilities by experienced and professional marine crew. Our Floatel's Cabins are ILO-compliant, ergonomically designed and outfitted to provide modern comforts in an offshore environment with en-suite bathrooms for single or double occupancy with cable-TV, internet and game consoles are just a few of the amenities provided on board. Ample recreational spaces with dayrooms, fitness and 24 hours service are standard on the Floatels. Fully-fitted and functional offices and conference rooms with latest IT-equipment are also provided.

  • Stability

    Our Floatels are specially designed to provide maximum stability and comfort in harsh offshore environments thereby preventing seasickness and fatigue and keeping its inhabitants comfortable and safe. This often increases productivity and safety.

  • Fuel Efficiency

    Our Floatels are also designed to optimize fuel utilization, as fuel costs often form a large part of any offshore budget. Fuel-efficient vessels significantly reduce overall budget costs.

  • Environment Protection

    Hind Offshore's ISM-compliant QHSE policy ensures that our Floatels meet strict environmental and social responsibility criteria, resulting in a clean and healthy environment for the staff and client on board and giving the vessels a low carbon footprint. Low exhaust emissions are therefore standard in our modern Floatels. Our class-approved, Marine Cummins power-generation units keep the fuel consumption as low as possible.

  • Crane age

    Our Floatels have 250MT pedestal offshore revolving cranes mounted on the rear-end of the barge. This crane supports the charter’s offshore construction, transportation and supply functions. The crane is ABS class approved and is API2C compliant for man-riding operations.

  • Clear Deck Space

    Our Floatels provide approximately 2000 m2 of clear deck space to accommodate the charterer’s cargo storage and work-space requirements.

  • Hi-Tech Equipments

    Our high-spec positioning, navigating and communication equipment, world-class planned maintenance, integrated automation and monitoring system ensure a safe and reliable project.

  • Personnel Transfer

    Our Floatels come with heavy-duty mooring equipment, gangways and offshore transfer baskets to provide safe transfers of the worker and engineers to the offshore windmills or platforms, making sure both crew and the windmills or platforms remain safe under all circumstances. For milder circumstances boat landings for crewboats and support vessels, increase the efficiency and versatility of these ships.

  • Helideck

    Our Floatels are provided with a CAP 437 compliant helideck (also complies ICAO Annex 14 Volume 2- Aerodromes) to support offshore serving helicopters. The helideck is available on top of the accommodation super-structure and is provided with crash kit, fire fighting system, nonskid surface, safety net, wind shock with illumination and required lightings.

  • Self-Sufficiency

    Water makers, sewage treatment, food storages and fuel tanks give the vessels a 30-45 day autonomy.

  • Medical Care

    A fully-equipped hospital and medic on call-24hrs/day, provide on-site medical assistance as required. Our medics are further supported by on-shore team and set-up.

Advantages for Floating Hotels

  • >Cost-effective solution when Land-based solutions are not an option
  • >Located near or on-site
  • >Can be customized to accommodate up to 400 personnel in either individual-separate cabins or multiple persons per cabin to suit requirements
  • >Quick mobilization and demobilization
  • >No on-site installation or set-up required
  • >Includes amenities such as
    • VIP lounges and ensuited cabins
    • 24 hour catering and housekeeping
    • 24 hour internet and cable-TV facilities
    • snack vending machine, Coffee machine, etc
    • games, recreational and activity room
    • fitness area and library
    • fully-functional offices, dark-rooms, work-shops
    • hospital / medical treatment room with medic
  • >IMO-SOLAS, Class, OSVIS Compliant


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